Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vardo for 2: tiny house on wheels

River Walker: tiny home on the water

Here is a cute low impact liveaboard from George Buehler

Living off the grid economically

Lets talk about ideas that allows you to live off the grid economically. It seems the green industry is focused on charging big dinero for solar, wind, composting toilets, etc. There are several ways of doing it but the economical ones don't get discussed much. Lets hear your ideas on how to do it on a budget.

Economical DIY Composting toilets

Friday, April 3, 2009

My neighbor

Dee lives just a couple blocks from me
Here is her small footprint living story, click here

My tiny house on wheels

For more photos click here
I have always been fascinated with the vardo wagon concept and decided to put a slide in camper version of it on my diesel F-250. The result turned out great, I have 6' 7" headroom, a dinette that converts to a queen size bed, also the option of 2 separate berths on the rails. It also has a galley and 12v system. The head is a Luggable Loo that I turned into a composting toilet which stores out of the way nicely. I plan on putting a wind deflector up front to minimize some resistance, but even without it I am getting 16mpg.
As a crafter I travel all over and wanted a small footprint wherever I went. I used to travel large with a big trailer and found that to be too stressful. My son (a pro disc golfer) and I also use it to travel to disc golf tournaments and it provides and inexpensive place to stay.
One of the great things is the cost, less than $1500. A comparable factory made unit would be $10,000 plus. No dealers, no payments, just keeping it simple.

My houseboat project

Here is a link to my houseboat build , click here