Friday, April 3, 2009

My tiny house on wheels

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I have always been fascinated with the vardo wagon concept and decided to put a slide in camper version of it on my diesel F-250. The result turned out great, I have 6' 7" headroom, a dinette that converts to a queen size bed, also the option of 2 separate berths on the rails. It also has a galley and 12v system. The head is a Luggable Loo that I turned into a composting toilet which stores out of the way nicely. I plan on putting a wind deflector up front to minimize some resistance, but even without it I am getting 16mpg.
As a crafter I travel all over and wanted a small footprint wherever I went. I used to travel large with a big trailer and found that to be too stressful. My son (a pro disc golfer) and I also use it to travel to disc golf tournaments and it provides and inexpensive place to stay.
One of the great things is the cost, less than $1500. A comparable factory made unit would be $10,000 plus. No dealers, no payments, just keeping it simple.

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