Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yurts, affordable small footprint living

Need a inexpensive getaway for your lot or island?
Pacific Yurts
Colorado Yurts
Rainier Yurts
Yurts of America

Want to try one out before you buy?

Oregon State Parks
Washington State Parks


  1. Hey there- we at Colorado Yurts appreciate the shout-out for our company but, even more, we're glad you're promoting yurts as great, super-low impact stuctures for homes, second homes and recreational spaces. More places to check out yurts can be found at

  2. Love the over-the-river shit/yurt locale....its beggin' for a rope swing too...
    Some great photos to daydream over!


  3. er....sorrym was supposed to read "Shot", and not the other...(blush)